Construction Trends to Watch in 2018

Sharp vertical shots merged into a huge panoramic composition of the skyline of Denver, Colorado. BY: RK  2018 promises exciting changes in the construction industry; from emerging augmented and virtual reality technology to an increase in offsite construction demand, our industry is anticipating a record-breaking year.

  • Increased Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Standards
The construction industry is experiencing drastic increases in environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction. The changes come after 2017 saw record devastation due to fires and inclement weather; these tragedies brought to light the need to refocus industry building standards to emphasize sustainability and resilience. There are multiple benefits for companies who chose to participate in federally funded programs, including various credits.
  • Exploration of AR, VR and 3-D Printing
The use of augmented and virtual reality is a main focus for construction as we move through 2018; with the use of wearables and drones, job sites are becoming more efficient and safe. Although wearables are only slowly being adopted, experts claim that they do have a positive impact when used. Some companies are also experimenting with the benefits of 3-D printing which include: greener construction, clarification of clients’ project visions, and a drastic reduction in supply costs.
  • Offsetting of Labor Shortage
After the market crash in 2008, industry workers were suddenly out of work, and the market has yet to fully recover. With an aging group of workers leaving the industry, Colorado has seen a drastic need for skilled workers in 2018. The deficit has been defined by RK’s co-owner Jon Kinning to be at a “crisis level” and companies are scrambling to fill job sites. To offset the lack of trained professionals, companies are promoting apprenticeship programs that offer a multitude of training opportunities to attract employees to the construction industry.
  • Growing Industry Giants
Amazon, Google, Starbucks, and many other industry giants are looking to increase their productivity by expanding their offsite presence, and with these expansions comes new jobs. Increased collaborations between general contractors and fabricators are on the rise due to the high demand to increase project efficiency. And Colorado is no exception; the rapidly growing state is still in the running to house Amazon’s new HQ2 which could bring thousands of new employment opportunities.
  • Focus on Public Transportation
Expansion of public transportation has taken center stage in 2018; many states are investing millions of dollars to ensure community members have safe and reliable transportation options. Expanding public transportation options results in more jobs for skilled professionals and the construction industry is exploring how to incorporate high-speed maglev trains and hyper-loop options as well as the standard bus and rail systems.
  • Offsite Construction
Because there is a massive shortage in skilled-workers, the construction market is changing, and offsite production has increased rapidly. Offsite construction can expedite the pace at which a job progresses and can also be much more cost effective for builders; hybrid forms of offsite manufacturing are also opening up conversations about the importance of high safety standards. RK understands that industry standards are rapidly changing and we work to ensure we are keeping up with trends while also maintaining our impeccable safety record. To find out more about how RK can benefit your business contact us at 303.355.9696 or